Interview: KSL's Coley Brenan on what made The Pig Hotels an attractive investment

Coley Brenan, partner and head of Europe at KSL Capital Partners, joined the Hospitality Insights team at IHIF 2022 to discuss the acquisition of The Pig Hotels, the attractiveness of select service properties and when is the right time to exit a business.

KSL bought the portfolio of eight boutique properties earlier this year for an undisclosed sum.

"They've grown from four to six to eight in a way that we're super impressed by and they should be very proud of. What I think they would tell you is they're excited to now be part of a larger institutional investor in the space, and where we can provide the level of support to continue. That's capital. That's expertise. It's connecting them with other similarly sized businesses," Brenan told Hospitality Insights.

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