Exclusive: Sani/Ikos CEO on company's €1bn expansion plans

While some hospitality brands achieve success seemingly overnight, others spend decades painstakingly refining their proposition, until suddenly they triumph. Resort owner operator Sani/Ikos Group is one of the latter.

The Andreadis family founded Sani Resort in 1970, with brothers Stavros and Andreas taking over the management at a young age. The pair have shaped what is now known as Sani/Ikos Group into the leading luxury family resort in Greece - and are now expanding further into the Mediterranean.

“By 2015, we were ready to attract foreign investors. Obviously, growing at the speed we were growing you cannot do only with your own capital. We managed to very successfully — despite the issues of Greece in 2015 — to attract new investors. And now we have a great partner is GIC at the second stage of our evolution with more than a billion euros pledged new investments in the coming year,” Andreadis told Hospitality Investor.

We recently caught up with CEO Andreas Andreadis to discuss the company’s rise and rise, the secrets to its guest satisfaction scores, as well as the post-investment strategy.

You can watch the full interview above.

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