Ando Living: More Than Just a Stay – A Way of Life!

We revolutionize the Branded-Serviced apartments for Buildings’ Owners, Investors and Travelers.

Our “Ando TownHouses” (the apartments) and “Ando Clubs” are spread internationally, acting not only as community cornerstones that bring guests and locals together for unforgettable memories but also as strategic assets that elevate the Average Daily Rate compared to properties without such facilities. Through our curated campaigns, ANDO distinguishes itself as a must-experience brand. Here, guests don't just visit; they become part of our global family, feeling at home in each of our distinctive spaces, worldwide…


Ando Living is at the forefront of the hospitality evolution, marrying investors' aspirations with travelers' desires for inviting Serviced Apartments.

Seeking the best global partner in property management worldwide? Ando Living delivers a branded Turnkey solution to sell, manage and operate your building:

  • Design: we transform your building with ANDO style. Our design, infused with Mediterranean warmth and comfort, ensure not only functionality but also exudes our distinctive touch.
  • Administrative: We efficiently handle all regulatory and licensing requirements, taking the administrative burden off your shoulders.
  • Sales: Our expansive international network guarantees quick sales for your property. Our fully furnished Ando apartments, crafted with precision by our dedicated architects and designers, consistently appeal to buyers. Notably, branded apartments have a +31% sales edge versus non-branded.
  • Complete Property Management: post-sales, we manage it all. From seamless rentals to ensuring impeccable property conditions, owners can relax knowing everything is in expert hands. Our impressive 90% occupancy rate speaks volumes, ensuring your investment is optimized.

Let's talk! Reach out to us and let's redefine hospitality together. [email protected]

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