Miami and Qatar lead global charge for hotel profit recovery in 2022

Miami and Qatar led the major global markets in hotel profit recovery for 2022, data from STR has revealed.

According to STR’s annual P&L data, Miami’s gross operating profit per available room (GOPPAR) shot past 2019 levels, with the metric reaching 155% compared with the year before the pandemic. In Qatar, GOPPAR indexed at 152% compared with 2019, aided by the World Cup.

Trailing behind Qatar was Dubai, which achieved 140% - at $132.68 - compared with 2019. Next was Paris, with GOPPAR at 123% - $173.02 - of its level in 2019, making it the leader in Europe.

In Asia Pacific, New Delhi led the way, achieving 100% - at $51.00 - of its pre-pandemic comparable and in South America, Bogota saw the highest GOPPAR comparison at 106% with $36.83.