New research report: Inflation and the hospitality industry

Inflation is the single most important topic of disagreement amongst policy makers and market participants today and the hospitality industry is in the eye of the storm. The sector is one of those directly influenced by both economic and socio-political developments. Higher food prices, increased wage costs and labour shortages will all have an impact. 

This research report covers areas, including:

-    A recent global history of inflation
-    The prospects of a return to an inflationary environment
-    The risk of an inflationary crisis

-    The impact on the hospitality industry

“With apparent disagreement within some central banks and amongst investors, there has never been a better time to take a closer look at the potential risk of rising inflation to the hospitality industry,” said Thanos Papasavvas, founder and chief investment officer of ABP Invest, and the author of the research report.

Read the report - In the Eye of the Storm: Inflation and the Hospitality Sector