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In Focus: Why invest in extended stay and hybrid hotel concepts

Hybrid hotel concepts incorporating extended stay are increasingly appealing to investors, what is driving this demand and what makes it a profitable asset class?

Extended stay and adjacent spaces have been a hot topic for quite some time here on Hospitality Insights, we have seen brands and investors keen to broaden their portfolios and this was accelerated during the pandemic. As investors look to make more use out of hotel space and drive revenue, concepts such as office co-working spaces, wellbeing suites, aparthotels and branded residential are becoming more and more attractive and the lines are blurring between the various asset classes. We hear from all players in the market in this episode and dive into the detail of repositioning existing assets, conversions versus new builds, and consumer behaviour.

Speakers include:

Ben Martin, HKS

Kristian Dijkstra, C1 Capital Partners

Celine Vadam, WE(i) Think

Naomi Heaton, The Other House

Vedrana Riley, Ciel Capital

Eloise Hanson, Boutique Hotel News

Andrew Fowler, Locke Hotels/Edyn

Simon Walford, Staycity Group

Robert Godwin, Lamington Group