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In Focus: We're all in it together

How have the relations between owners, operators, brands, and lenders evolved during Covid and what lessons can be learnt to better align their interests? Are third-party operators likely to become more prominent? 
We’re looking back at some of the sessions at this year’s Resort and Residential Hospitality Forum, where we heard from all sides of that stakeholder triangle: owner, operator, and lender.
Operators spoke about the growth in demand but with high demands in the leisure market, deals are scarce, and prices are inflated. 
Carney spoke about the threats that loom over the industry such as inflation, increasing cost prices, 
“This heightens the need to really align that relationship, is it best to separate the functions of the operator and the brand”, Albandor asked, and Almeida spoke about digitalisation, how operators can deliver authentic experiences to their clients, the role of the third party operator. 
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Miguel Casas Albandor, Stoneweg; Margarida Almeida, Amazing Evolution; Ronit Copeland, Copeland Hospitality; and Helena Murano Carney, CaixaBank discuss at length.