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In Focus: Serviced apartments, a resilient and flexible asset class

At this year’s International Hospitality Investment Forum, we hosted our first Adjacent Spaces event: a pop-up event focused on the variety of asset classes that borrows from but also inspires the sector. In this week's In Focus episode we are looking back at some of the key moments and discussions about serviced apartments in particular. 
We are seeing more and more brands moving into the space as they continue to grow their portfolios as well. Why is the segment so attractive to investors?

Investors and developers have seen opportunities in Serviced Apartments for a while now, but the pandemic has really showed us that not only is there demand from the consumer, but it is also a very resilient and flexible asset class.

We heard on quite a few sessions how consumer behaviour is changing and how serviced apartments are thriving as they are positioned to adapt and cater to these changing patterns. Technology has also played a significant role in the performance of these asset classes as many of the companies paving the way are early adopters of hotel tech and so much more. 

While the industry becomes more desirable to investors, competition is driving these companies to have newer and better USPs to stand out. We heard Citizen M’s Lennert De Jong and Ennismore’s Keith Evans discuss how they are designing spaces that offer experiences and how those spaces are important for bringing in revenue, and how it’s not just about the optimisation of square metres. 

Why stop here, check out our upcoming event R&R to follow what new asset classes are moving in that space. 

Thanks to our participants:

Laura Brinkmann, Brookfield Asset Management
Saurabh Chawla, Selina
Lennert De Jong, Citizen M
Veerle Donders, Zoku
Keith Evans, Ennismore
Christian Gaiser, Numa
Naomi Heaton, The Other House
Erik Jacobs, HORECA Investment Partners
Daniel Johansson, Cheval Collection
Asli Kutlucan, Cycas Hospitality
Caleb Parker, Bold
Zachary Schwartz, Yays