Video - In Focus

In Focus: How consumers are influencing investors and developers

Consumer behaviour is ever changing and we have seen many trends accelerate during the pandemic such as blending leisure with business travel and the ability to work from anywhere driving increased demand for adjacent spaces. Investments, brands and concepts are based upon these trends continuing to accelerate.

How can companies pivot to adapt to changing consumer demands and should they? 

In this video we dive into some of the sessions that covered the topics of changing consumer demand and what it means for your business, as well as the opportunities in these transforming markets.

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Thanks to our contributors:

Mike Baxter, House of Gods

Lionel Benjamin, AGO Hotels

Nevius Glussi, Trinity Hospitality Group

Alexi Khajavi, Questex

Jonathan Langston, Chair AHC

Kate Nicholls, UK Hospitality 

Vicky Pryce, CEBR

Patrick Whyte, Questex

Sean Worker, T5 Strategies & The Adapters