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In Focus: Has covid finally broke the back of the fixed lease?

Stakeholder alignment is a topic that we have covered a lot here on Hospitality Insights and our events as well. In this episode of In Focus we are looking back at sessions from IHIF 2021 that discussed the relationship between owners, brands and lenders and one of those topics of discussion was hybrid leases and management contracts. 

Andrew Harrington led the session "New Partnership Models Redefining Relations Between All Stakeholders" which included Lionel Benjamin, Max Luscher, Jan Steinebach and Miguel Casas Albandor. 

Is it the end for fixed leases, in the UK at least? How do you measure the risk and reward? 

Hear both sides of the argument, this session features lots of strong opinions from our panellists. If you attended IHIF this year you can watch the full session here on demand

We also hear from Alastair Carmichael as he joined Heribert Gangl, Michelle Weiss and Jan Hellner on the session "The Debt Market: Reviewing Hotel Financing".

And it doesn't stop here! You can hear more from Andrew Harrington, Alastair Carmichael and Lionel Benjamin as they join us at The Annual Hotel Conference in Manchester in November. Find out how to register and view the programme over here