Video - In Focus

In Focus: Creative ways to drive demand and revenue, brighter outlook from earnings results

In this week's episode we talk to Remco Norden, general manager of Hilton London Metropole, and discuss some of the creative ways the hotel has driven revenue throughout the pandemic in an urban location.

Creativity and diversity of demand drivers are things that we don't often talk about within hospitality, thinking fast and being nimble are key factors which enabled Remco and his team to be creative and at the same time oversee a complete redevelopment and redesign of their hotel.

We also review the earnings results of Hilton alongside Remco's story of "hospitality at its core", what that could mean for the future of asset management and operations. 

What about urban locations and corporate travel - will demand return to city centre locations and what will corporate travel look like?

Lean in for an interesting conversation as always from Alexi Khajavi, President of Questex Hospitality and Travel, Patrick Whyte, Editor in Chief of Hospitality Insights and our guest Remco Norden, General Manager of Hilton London Metropole.

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